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Tucson Data Recovery Services

Don't panic -- those precious pictures or valuable files probably can be recovered. 

Tucson Data Recovery Services

When you have lost valuable data files or pictures, our Tucson Data Recover Service can help.

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Continental Computer Services is your local Tucson data recovery specialist.  We recover data lost because of power surges, static electricity, lightning strikes, fires, floods, sabotage, viruses, accidents, & user error like deleted files, formatted / f-disked drives. 

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We rescue deleted data from data storage media such as hard disk drive, pen drives, digital cards, storage tapes, CDs, DVD, RAID and other optical media.

Our data recovery specialists are experts in salvaging data from inaccessible, formatted, damaged, failed, or wrecked primary storage media where data cannot be accessed normally using the operating system. We enjoy a high success rate of hard drive recovery and file recovery.

Free Data Recovery Diagnostic and Quote

We start by determining the potential for recovery and providing a price quote for your consideration.  Both potential for recovery and cost of recovery depend on several factors:

  • Is the data easily accessible to our recovery lab equipment?
  • Does the data loss involve a hard disk crash?  If so, recapturing the data may involve replacing failed or damaged components like electronics, heads, or drive motors in a clean room environment before we can use our tools to create an image of the data.
  • Are file structures intact?  If file structures are extensively damaged or missing, recovery from a data fragment may still be possible.
  • How do you want your data restored?

Once you are comfortable with our process and the price estimate we provide, we will begin data recovery in our local lab, keeping you apprised of our progress as we move forward.

Each data recovery process includes creation of new file lists and full data verification for both validity and integrity.  All recovery results are provided to you – and recovered data is provided in whatever format you specify.

Lost Data Hard Drive Recovery Specialists Right Here in Tucson

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Do you know what caused your data loss?

Data loss requiring data recovery processes can result from human error, from electrical or mechanical failure or from software corruption.  Knowing what caused the data loss can be helpful in our data recovery process.


Did you notice any of the following problems associated with your data loss?

  1. Data may have been accidently reformatted or deleted
  2. The computer won’t boot
  3. That drive is no longer accessible
  4. My application won’t run or load data
  5. I think I have a virus
  6. Hard disk is making a clicking noise or won’t spin
  7. Black screen
  8. A spill - water or other liquid
  9. Fire or intense heat
  10. Physical damage to the computer or other device

Just Get My Data Back!

We do understand - really.  Those photos are precious to you.  Those files hold valuable information you need now.  We will do everything we can to restore your data quickly.  Call now so we can get started.

Continental Computer Services - your Tucson Data Recovery Specialists!

  • Free data recovery services evaluation
  • 20+ years experience in data recovery, data hard drive recovery and computer repair
  • Call our data recovery helpline - 520 405 - 9568

Data Recovery
Data Recovery Specialists
Tucson Data Recovery Services

File Recovery - What Is It?

Recovering your lost data involves salvaging data from inaccessible, formatted, damaged, failed, or wrecked primary storage media where data cannot be accessed normally using the operating system. 

Call the data recovery specialists at Continental Computer Services.

520 405-9568

In case of data disasters, the data is being salvaged from data storage media such as hard disk drive, pen drives, digital cards, storage tapes, CDs, DVDs, RAID and other optical medias. 

Recovery may be required because of physical damage to the storage device or logical damage to the file system that prevents it from being mounted by the host operating system. 

Although there is some confusion as to the term, file recovery can also be the process of recovering deleted information from a storage media for forensic purposes.


If your files are accidentally deleted, your entire system has accidentally been changed, or data has been lost to virus attacks, you likely need specialized recovery services to yield highest quality results.

Lost Data Hard Drive Recovery - also see our Hard Drive Recovery page.

Leading causes of data loss

Data Loss

Data usually gets lost due to physical damage to data storage media or logical damage to the file systems. But there are other causes which results in data loss.


  • Hardware Malfunction - 44 % of all Data Loss
  • User Error - 32 %
  • Software Corruption - 14 %
  • Computer Viruses - 7 %
  • Natural Disasters - 3 %


Computer files we recover

We can recover deleted files and deleted data from all kinds of Operating Systems Windows (95/98/ME/XP/2000/2003/Vista/7),  Linux (RedHat / Mandrake / Turbo/ SuSe / Debian / Ubuntu ), Novell (Traditional and NSS volumes), Mac (Apple Mac OS X/Apple Mac OS 9.x and higher) and Solaris (Sparc and Intel), Unix (SCO Open Server, BSD) etc.


After a successful information recovery,  files tend to get corrupted and inaccessible due to high interpretation of data during the recovery process. Then you need specialized recovery followup -- we offer the following services through our data restoration division.  

We can provide a high range of Data  and File Recovery Services which includes Email Recovery (Microsoft Outlook Express & Microsoft Outlook), Exchange Recovery (Exchange OST, Exchange EDB) File Repair (Microsoft Access, Excel, Word & PowerPoint), Backup Recovery (MS Backup, ZIP).


Our fully equipped  labs and effective information recovery engineers help in recovering data more precisely and are successful in providing professional recovery software tools and services to big corporate and home users.

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Nationwide service

Although we specialize in Tucson Data Recovery, we do offer our services to those outside of Tucson, AZ.  

If you need a hard drive recovery, you can ship it to us and we can provide you a free quote.  

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