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Computer Network Support Services for Home and Business 

Looking for Tucson Computer Network Support and computer network services?

When you need computer network support services, give us a call.  We specialize in network support services to make your business run better.

  • Outsourced IT Department
  • Maintaining your computer network
  • Adding more applications or printers to your computer network
  • Managing data backup
  • Disaster proofing with recovery plans and policies for your business

    Get connected with professional computer network support service from Continental Computer Services
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    Continental Computer Services has 25 years experience with 

    business computer network services.    We can handle all

    your Tucson computer network support service needs.

    Network Support for desktop, laptop, printers, servers

    We provide computer support Tucson counts on for many kinds of networks

    Computer networking:  a system in which computers are connected to share information and resources. The connection can be done as peer-to-peer or client/server.  

    Typical networks include:
    • Local Area Network or LAN -  computers and devices to be connected are in the same building.  They may be connected by a wired or wireless connection.
    • Wide Area Network or WAN - computers and devices are in several buildings or over a larger area.  They may be connected by phone lines or radio waves.
    • Specialty networks including CAN - campus or military base and MAN - a city wide or metropolitan network.

      Networking Support Tucson

      Computer Networking Services

      Continental Computer Services provides networking support Tucson trusts. 

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      Save time and money - get the networking support Tucson businesses have come to rely on.  25 years experience in networking support Tucson and Silicon Valley

      Experienced network support technician assigned to your office
      IT network support designed to fit your needs
      Networking support services you can count on! 

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