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Our Clients Say:

Thank you so much for helping us with our computers yesterday. .  .  

It is connections like these that make Tucson a special place! Thank you again for being there for us. 

Kathy W, Executive Director iTNGreater Tucson

"With Continental Computer Services as our PC Techs, we simply do not have to worry about our computers or the network.  They do it all!" -- 

Linda B

Eric came out and fixed my mess in no time.  He knows his stuff and he is very helpful.  I highly recommend this company!!
Joanne S - Tucson

Computer Tips

You can do a lot to protect your computer right at home with these computer tips from Continental Computer Services

Do It Yourself  Computer Tips to save you time and money

Tip Number 1

A clean computer helps to protect your investment and your data 
Clean computer regularly to help protect the life of your machine.  Get rid of cookie crumbs, break out the rubbing alcohol and lint free cloths and get to work. 

For specific tips on how to clean computer, click here.

Tip Number 2

How to speed up computer at home

Want to know how to speed up computer yourself?  The first thing to try is turning off the computer.  Wait a few minutes.  Turn it back on.  This simple step allows your computer to rid itself of some accumulated problems.

Tip Number 3

Protect computer from electric storm, brownouts, surges

and other energy events

The most foolproof way to protect computer from electric storm and other energy events is also the most simple:  unplug the computer and all peripherals from both electric and data input.  Please note that simply turning the computer off does not protect computer from electric storm damage.  

Tip Number 4.  
Keep your computer off  the carpet.

Tip Number 5.  
Keep that laptop off your lap!

Tip Number 6.
Don't vacuum a computer.

When you don't have time to handle computer maintenance yourself, call us.  
We'll be glad to help.
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