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Our Clients Say:


Thank you so much for helping us with our computers yesterday. .  .  

It is connections like these that make Tucson a special place! Thank you again for being there for us. 

Kathy W, Executive Director iTNGreater Tucson

"My computer was running so slowly but Continental Computer diagnosed my problem fast - and showed me how to keep it from happening again. I will definitely call them next time I need computer help!"
Karen S - Tucson

"With Continental Computer Services as our PC Techs, we simply do not have to worry about our computers or the network.  They do it all!" 
Linda B

"I had a problem with new laptop I thought was windows 8 or possibly hardware problem.  Turned out to be a major virus -  Erik cleared up the problem."
Mike F

Eric came out and fixed my mess in no time.  He knows his stuff and he is very helpful.  I highly recommend this company!!
Joanne S - Tucson



Remote Computer Maintenance Services

Computer maintenance services for computers in Tucson and beyond.

What is Remote Computer Service?

Remote Computer Service from CCS is professional computer maintenance you can count on

  •  State of the art managed computer maintenance for your computer
  • Available for both home and business computers

Remote Computer Maintenance Services are protection for your investment

  • Cleanup and computer maintenance service to keep your computer running right.
  • Managed computer maintenance that reduces emergency calls and down time for staff and equipment

Managed Computer Maintenance saves you money!

  • Low cost monthly rate - or save even more with annual contract
  • Contract holders enjoy priority service and big discounts on other computer work

Computer service contract means no more worries about missed maintenance deadlines or downtime


  • Maintenance scheduled for your computer each month at a time that works for you. 
  • We remember - so you don't have to!

Continental Computer Services Remote Maintenance for computers is like having 

your own computer tech on call 

- at a fraction of the price the big corporations pay


With a Remote Computer Maintenance contract, you will have a professional computer technician who knows your system and

helps you to keep it running right. 

Why should I invest in Remote Computer Maintenance Services for my computer?

Regular computer maintenance is critical.

Without routine service, you leave yourself vulnerable to hackers, computer crashes, loss of valuable data, even i.d. theft.

Poor computer maintenance management is costly. 

Lack of routine computer care results in costly emergency computer repair calls and downtime that can be expensive or immensely inconvenient

There is a solution . . .  when you sign up for Computer Care Remote Computer Service

  • We remember to do the managed computer maintenance on schedule each and every month.

  • We do the maintenance remotely from our office so maintenance doesn't have to mean interruptions.

  • We provide you with a report of our actions and any findings that might be important to prolong the life of your computer.

No more surprises!  Managed computer maintenance can cut out those costly and inconvenient emergency repairs. 

Make budgeting a breeze!  

You pay a flat fee each month - or save even more by prepaying for a whole year.  (You even can save on non-maintenance work like upgrading systems or adding additional computers.)


Easy and convenient for you.

You never have to leave your home or office. 

Minimize computer downtime and interruptions. 

You don't have to remember to do that much needed maintenance.  

We handle it all.

Ready to get started?
See the 3 managed computer care plans below and then fill in the contact form -- we will call to complete the process and get started servicing your computer.

or call - 520 405-9568

Computer Care Remote Computer Service -

You choose the computer service contract option that works best for you!

Option 1 - Basic Maintenance - As low as  $12.50 per month *

Monthly security checks and cleanup, all done remotely from our office. 

No frills plan - just $12.50 per month for the first computer when you opt for a one year contract

  Scan for/remove viruses, Spyware, Trojans, Worms, Malware, Grayware.

  Update operating system and drivers

  Scan for/remove unwanted programs

  Clean up Browsers

  Clean out Registry

  Manage disk clean up

  Maintain internet security

  Email monthly report of actions taken, used/free space on hard drive, RAM usage, Alerts and recommendations .

  Save on remote work not covered under your plan - $45 flat fee

  Save on site visit labor - $100 flat fee

  Save 50% on labor costs for covered devices delivered to our office

          *Month to Month contract cost $15 per month

           Or sign up for a one year prepaid contract for just $150 - works out to $12.50 per month - like getting two months free!


Option 2 - Maintenance Plus - less than $20 per month**

Looking for a little more security? 

Want a little more help adding users, handling passwords, or trouble- shooting when problems occur?


Best Value for everyday use  You get all Basic Maintenance items plus help setting up a backup system, monthly backup maintenance/reports, telephone support for internet and printer issues.

  All Basic Maintenance items

  Maintain and report on Back Up solution

  Printer and Internet support

  Telephone support for Microsoft Office questions

  Save 50% on labor costs for covered devices delivered to our office

  Save MORE on home visits - just $75


          **Just $20 per month on a month to month contract

             Get 2 months Free!  -  one year prepaid contract is just $200



Option 3 - Premium Service - $25 per month***

Top Tier Service  Best quality computer maintenance - plus support for your other devices, professional level malware protection for added security - and you get all your computer questions answered!  This plan offers it all plus our lowest rate for site visits.


  All Basic Maintenance and Maintenance Plus items

  Support for Netflix, Smart TV, Tablets, Smart Phones, Game Stations

  Unlimited telephone support - get all your computer questions answered

  Unlimited software support

  Subscription to MalwareBytes Professional version - vip protection

  Labor for home visits is flat $45 - you save $55 per visit - or more!

  Labor for covered devices delivered to our office is free!


          ***$30 with month to month - but you get two months free when you opt for a one year prepaid contract at $300 -     

              Monthly equivalent with annual contract is just $25


25% discount for additional computers

Want more information? 
Just fill in the form below - or call and ask about our Computer Care Remote Service program. We will walk you through the three computer service contract plans and help you decide if this is a program that would be good for you. 

520 405-9568

Computer Repair
When you need local computer repair Tucson, call on us.

Professional, experienced Tucson computer service technicians
listen to your needs - and understand how important your computer is to you.   
Call on us to help with your local computer repair problems:  

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Computer Care remote service contracts are handled through Fixd-IT, a division of Continental Computer Services designed to support home and business users with top quality remote service.  Learn more about our Fixd-IT computer service contract programs by calling 520 405-9568,