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Thank you so much for helping us with our computers yesterday. .  .  

It is connections like these that make Tucson a special place! Thank you again for being there for us. 

Kathy W, Executive Director iTNGreater Tucson

"With Continental Computer Services as our PC Techs, we simply do not have to worry about our computers or the network.  They do it all!" -- 

Linda B

"My computer was running so slowly but Continental Computer diagnosed my problem fast - and showed me how to keep it from happening again. I will definitely call them next time I need computer help!"
Karen S. - Marketing Matters

Eric came out and fixed my mess in no time.  He knows his stuff and he is very helpful.  I highly recommend this company!!
Joanne S - Tucson

Get Windows 10 Help from Tucson's Computer Experts

Windows 10 Installation Help

 Don't want to do it yourself?  We don't blame you!  We will handle the Windows 10 upgrade for you.  Continental Computer Services is available to help with the installation and technical support for Windows 10 in Tucson, Marana and Oro Valley.  We will upgrade your computer to Windows 10 at your site or in our shop.


Windows 10 Problems?

Already have Windows 10 and need some repairs to make your computer run right again?  We can help with that too.


Call today to get your Windows 10 questions answered by your local computer professionals.

Ready to Move to Windows 10?

 Microsoft still offers a free Windows 10 upgrade for some computers.  Call to find out if your computer is eligible for a free Windows 10 upgrade.


Windows 10 upgrade  is available for many PCs, tablets, phones, touch screens or on-the-go mobile access.


While the upgrade can be a simple process, many people run into problems with the move to Windows 10. 


According to Microsoft, a number of applications "might cause problems with the upgrade process."  Problems noted include a black or blue screen after installation, apps that must be uninstalled and reinstalled to make the process work or problems with sound.

Among the Windows 10 problems we have encountered with Windows 10 upgrade are:

  • Installation failed part way through - cannot go back or forward
  • Unintended passwords installed - keeping the client from accessing their own data
  • Incompatible hardware - Windows 10 installed but now my printer doesn't work
  • Incompatible software - I installed Windows 10 but now my other programs don't work right

Windows 10 Problems Can Occur Long After Installation - We Can Help

Running Windows 10 is not always a "one and done" proposition.  We frequently get calls about Windows 10 problems including 

  • Windows 10 loop
  • Windows 10 blue screen
  • Windows 10 password 
  • Windows 10 black screen 
  • Windows 10 loading
  • Windows 10 startup problems

Some of these Windows 10 problems require a Windows 10 Recovery or Windows 10 reinstall.  If you are having a Windows 10 problem, give us a call.

Windows 10 Upgrade Requirements


Latest version of windows sp1 or Windows 8.1 update

1 gigahertz processor or faster

1 gigabyte (for 32 bit) or 2 gigabyte (for 64 bit) RAM

16 gigabyte or 20 gigabyte hard disk space - depending on your operating system

Direct x9 or later graphics card with WDDM 1.0 driver

800 x 600 display




Windows 10 Upgrade Tips

Continental Computer Services offers these  tips to make the Windows 10 upgrade a little easier for you.



  • Take some time to prepare - do a full backup of your data so that you don't take a chance on losing valuable files or pictures during the upgrade.

  • Some apps may need to be uninstalled before you install Windows 10.  Microsoft provides instructions about the apps you will need to remove before you start.

  • You may be able to re-install some of these apps after you have migrated to Windows 10 – but some apps simply will not work at all with the Windows 10 operating system.

  • You may need to activate your current version of Windows before you can  make the move to Windows 10.
  • You can activate your current version of Windows 10 using your product key.

  • If you don’t have a product key, you may need to purchase a key or a copy of Windows  from the Microsoft store online.

  • As noted above, you will need 8gb of free space to handle the installation process.  If you do not have the required 8gb, you may be able to free up space.

  • Remove some of your unneeded apps or files.  Pictures and music use up a lot of hard disk space.

  • Perform a disk cleanup to get rid of unneeded files and compress current files into a tighter space

  • If you still don’t have the required 8gb of hard drive space, some people attach an external hard drive.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  These are bare minimums for Windows 10 installation. We recommend that you have at least 50 gigs of free space to insure that your programs run smoothly.  If you must compress files or attach an external hard drive, you will run into problems.


  • Some devices have very little available free space after installation.  To free up space, we can help you delete unneeded files, including previous versions of Windows.


  • Some applications and settings may not migrate automatically as part of the upgrade.  Anti-malware applications, particularly, may require special actions and permissions.  Parent set safety settings will need to be reset.


  • Don’t panic – Your Windows Media Center will be removed when you move to Windows 10.  However, your media will still be available and you will find the new Windows DVD player on your machine.



Please note:  Microsoft has posted this notice on their website:


"Microsoft will not call customers to assist with the installation or technical support for Windows 10, nor will we send an email with any upgrade or installation files attached."



Windows 10 Help
We are there when you need us!
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