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Computer Virus

Computer Virus Tucson AZ?
We do computer virus removals

Think you might have a computer virus Tucson, Marana, Green Valley or Oro Valley?  
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Signs you may have a computer virus

Watch for these signs you may have a Tucson computer virus
My computer is running slow
My computer shut down unexpectedly
My computer keeps running all the time
I am getting unexpected messages.

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Maybe it is Spyware - watch for these computer problems

unexpected changes to home page
unexpected changes to tool bars
lots of pop up ads
computer running slow

Please note - you may not see any symptoms of spyware.  Sometimes you will not know you have spyware on your computer until we run a diagnostic tool to find and destroy the spyware lurking in your system.

At the first hint of a computer virus Tucson AZ - call us to schedule computer virus repair.
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If you think you may have a Tucson computer virus - call now.

Computer Virus Tucson or Tucson Computer Virus?
We can help with computer virus repair for desktop, laptops or other devices.

Computer Viruses and spyware known to be active right now --

SpywarePCBoostrklog - logs your keystrokes
Trojan CozerB
Trojan Patchbrowse
Info Stealer

Check back often to learn about new viruses and spyware

Computer Running Slow Tucson?  Need Computer Virus Repair?
If you searched for computer running slow Tucson, you have found a professional computer repair company that can help with computer virus repair or other problems.  

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Is it a Computer Virus?


A computer virus is a self-replicating computer program that spreads by inserting copies of itself into other executable code or documents.

A computer virus behaves in a way similar to a biological virus, which spreads by inserting itself into living cells.  

While viruses can be intentionally destructive, for example, by destroying data, many other viruses are fairly benign or merely annoying. Some may carry a delayed payload, which is sometimes called a bomb. For example, a virus might display a message on a specific day or wait until it has infected a certain number of hosts. 

  • E-mail viruses - An e-mail virus moves around in e-mail messages, and usually replicates itself by automatically mailing itself to dozens of people in the victim's e-mail address book.

  • Worms -A worm is a small piece of software that uses computer networks and security holes to replicate itself. A copy of the worm scans the network for another machine that has a specific security hole. It copies itself to the new machine using the security hole, and then starts replicating from there, as well.

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